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Our Secret Better Lives

Katy has a rack full of Nirvana and Soundgarden CDs. She's seen Pearl Jam in concert, twice. She never imagined she would be the one behind the microphone.

“Our Secret Better Lives is absolutely captivating.” –Griffin McElroy, My Brother, My Brother and Me

From the book:

Years later, Katy could remember not only which song was playing—Screaming Trees, "Bed of Roses"—but the exact moment in the song where the needle came off the record. The house lights clicked off, and a row of stage lights came on, blinding like L.A. daylight. No wonder so many people wore sunglasses on stage. She blinked her eyes and tried to bring any object into focus, but Megan was hissing, "Now!"

Katy's lips brushed against the head of the mic. "We're The Laundry Room, from Los Angeles, California."

Our Secret Better Lives is a novel for anyone who's ever fallen in love with a song.

“Like a really good pop song—short, sweet, and...immersive.” –Robin McWaters

“Pitch-perfect emotional resonance should make this story of a girl, independence, musical passion, friendship, and the special interdependence of being in a band a definite indie hit.” –Tegan Tigani, children's and YA book buyer, Queen Anne Book Company

“Matthew Amster-Burton writes things that settle comfortably down in your head and have always been there. This is no exception.” –Justin de Vesine, Goodreads